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»Tom Weber was a game-changer for my debut documentary film, "Acasa, My Home" with his top-notch sound design skills. He didn't just improve the sound; in many ways, he was the hero behind it. His creative touch added a whole new layer of depth that really made the film stand out.

What's more, working with Tom was smooth sailing. He's got this great ability to get what you're after and make it happen, making him a solid teammate. For anyone looking for a sound designer who's both talented and easy to work with, Tom's your guy.«

Radu Ciorniciuc | Regiesseur "ACASA, MY HOME"


Corso Film

Manifest Film

Regie: Radu Ciorniciuc

Re-Recording Mixer: Lukás Moudrý

Kino 90min

Supervising Sound Editor,

Sound Design,

Dialog Edit



Beste Tongestaltung

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